Astronomy Sites, Viewing, News Items, References,

o Astronomy Resources at STScI
o Bad Astronomy
o Calculators online over 18,000 different calculators
o California and Carnegie Extrasolar Planet Search
o DASCH - Digital Access to a Sky Century @ Harvard Project to digitize 500,000 astronomical plates in the Harvard Plate stacks
o Digitized sky survey
o ESA - European Space Agency
o ESO - European Southern Observatory
o FIRST Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty cm
o FLWO Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory
o Haystack
o Kitt Peak National Observatory
o Lick Observatory
o Mt. Wilson Observatory
o NED NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
o NRAO Socorro home page VLA and VLBA
o Planet Quest The search for another Earth
o SERENDIP Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emisions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations
o SETI@home
o Small Bodies Node
o Star and Constellation names
o Star Naming FAQ Name a star? Don't waste your money on fraudulent schemes.
o Star naming: IAU statement
o Star Naming? Ask Mallard Fillmore
o Steward Observatory and U Arizona Astronomy
o Strasbourg astronomical Data Center
o STScI Space Telescope Science Institute
o USNO - Naval Observatory

Eclipse viewing

o Sky and Telescope eclipse page
o Solar eclipse paths

o Aruba Eclipse Vacation

News Items

o Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazard Near Earth object program
o Jupiter Scientific Information Reports and News
o Near Earth Object Program
o Space calendar
o Space Today space-related news headlines
o Two planets discovered by Marcy and Butler


o Handbook of Space Astronomy & Astrophysics by Martin V. Zombeck


o Electric Orrery
o Home Planet and other programs
o Online JAVA satellite tracker
o Partiview 3D visualization software with astronomical data from Hayden Planetarium

Viewing the sky

o Heavens Above Iridium flare and other event predictions, location set to Bedford in this link
o Iridium Flares
o Jonathan's Space Home Page
o Ovation aurora forecast
o Peoria Astronomical Society
o St. Louis Astronomical Society home page

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