Hardware support and info

o 3com
o Adaptec
o AMD Advanced Micro Devices
o Cirrus Logic
o Driverguide.com
o Heatsink database
o Hewlett Packard
o Hp ftp site
o Intel
o LaborSavingDevices, Inc. Tools and techniques for fishing wires
o Phoenix BIOS
o Reviving a keyboard disabled by a switch

Chip Info

o Passmark CPU benchmarks
o X86 Monthly Digest Intel Secrets

General Tech Info

o Ars Technica
o Dirty Little Secrets
o FCC ID number search May help identify unknown hardware
o Technical Documents from Blackbox.com
o Win's BIOS page

Hard disk manufacturers

o HGST formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, now owned by Western Digital
o Samsung
o Seagate Seagate acquired Maxtor
o Western Digital

Modem Info

o Modem info from Zoom

Motherboard Info

o Tom's hardware guide

Motherboard Manufacturers

o AMI American Megatrends
o First International Computer
o Intel OEM motherboards
o MSI Microstar International
o MTI M-Technology
o Tyan

Motherboard Vendors

o Motherboard Express
o PCChips


o Creative Labs SoundBlaster
o Soundcard tests results from PCAVTech

Video cards

o ATI Now part of AMD
o LCD test patterns
o Nvidia
o Passmark video card benchmarks

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