Software support

o Adobe Systems
o Allegro game programming library for djgpp
o ASP Association of Software (formerly Shareware) Professionals
o Borland C++ and other products
o Corel Patch Links
o Corel WordPerfect
o DJ Delorie Author of djgpp (MS-DOS port of gcc/g++)
o Han van den Bogaerde's Pegasus page
o HAP compression software
o Helpers and general communications info from Navas Group
o IDE for djgpp
o Lotus
o Lotus files to download
o Microsoft How much do you want to spend today?
o Nero CD/DVD burning software
o Novell
o Novell Support Connection (formerly called Netwire)
o OPUS make
o Parametric Technology Corporation (formerly Mathsoft) Mathcad
o Pegasus email
o Pegasus email public community site
o PKWare
o Schroff Development SilverScreen 3D CAD
o StuffIt Win, Linux, Mac, Solaris multi-format archiver. Expander is free.
o The Kermit Project
o Virtual PC 2004 - What works and what doesn't
o Virtual PC 2004 FAQ
o Wolfram Mathematica
o Word Perfect for DOS Updated A VESA WP graphics driver is one of the goodies here

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